Safeguarding Information



The Rev. Louise Grace 

Mb 07779585908 

Please email/text if urgent  (email)

Safeguarding Officer 

Safeguarding Team

Safeguarding Information

Mrs Katie Gray (email) 

Diocesan Safeguarding Team’s –

ChildLine 0800 11 11.

  St Luke’s  St Margaret’s
    Postcode  EX2 6LG EX3 0HN
Parish Administrator*   Mr Roger Prouse (email)
                                                                                                        *St Margaret’s Church only.
Churchwardens Mrs Maree Day (email)  01392 203507

Mr Keir Bovis (email)

07495 701301

  Mrs Caryll Ingerslev  (email) 01392 877330

Ms Jennifer Ellis   (email)

01392 879158

PCC Secretary

Mr Ken Greedy (email)
01392 271458
Mrs Gill Yates (email)
01392 875276
Church Rooms Coordinator

Mrs Sandra Greedy       

 01392 271458

Parish Administrator (email)  
Sunday School

Mrs Victoria Allen         01392 877266                   

Ms Alexis Poole        
01392 202922

Children’s Church   None until further notice 
Wedding Contact  Mr Roger Prouse (email) Mr Roger Prouse (email)
Baptism Contact 

 Mrs Sandra Greedy

01392 271458

Mr Roger Prouse (email)
Funeral Contact 

 Mrs Sandra Greedy

01392 271458

Mr Roger Prouse (email)

Please note: Disabled Parking only 



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