Our Vision

Our Vision as a Mission Community

We adopted a Mission Action Plan in 2010 (Mission Action Plan 2010) and updated it in 2012 (Mission Action Plan Review 2012). Our Mission Community purpose and vision is: “to witness to the Gospel, through worship and fellowship, prayer and teaching, pastoral care and services to the community” Our key aims are to:

• Build a community vision and common sense of calling – foster a vision of community that is growing and developing in faith, in fellowship, in worship, in pastoral care and outreach.

• Support the work of the clergy and include more people in God’s work in the parish – understanding that all Christians are called to be Christ’s hands and feet here on earth and enabling the ordained clergy to focus their attention and energies where they are most needed.

• Make use of gifts – make more use of existing gifts within our community and help people to discover new gifts and develop new skills

• Address unmet needs – look to recognise and acknowledge areas of ministry where there is an unmet need and work to address those needs

In February/March 2014 the PCCs invited the congregations in both churches to complete a short survey form indicating their three highest priorities for our Mission Community. The results showed a clear consensus in both churches that the areas which should receive the strongest focus as we move forward as a Mission Community are:

  • Pastoral Care – strengthen our arrangements for pastoral care and set up teams in each church to care for newcomers and visitors and members of the congregation in particular need. Identify individuals or establish teams to care for those preparing for baptism or marriage, the bereaved and families with young children.
  • Young People – show that we value young people in the life of the church by inviting them to lead parts of worship and listening to their views about church. Recruit more people to work with young people so that we can offer age appropriate groups and activities for everyone.
  • Outreach – renew our energies and activities in reaching out to people in our Mission Community, in particular the large housing estate in Countess Wear and young people. Build stronger links with the new parish of Holy Trinity on the Rydons development to work in a more effective mission partnership.

Reviewing our Vision

In November 2016, the PCC resolved to review the vision for the Mission Community with particular emphasis on the priorities identified in 2014.  A Vision Group was set up to carry out this work, beginning with a detailed assessment of needs at St Margaret’s. The Vision Group would like to consult with a broad range of “stakeholders” and would like to hear from members of the congregation, user groups and the wider community.  Questionnaires for individuals and groups (organisers) can be downloaded below.


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